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The all-powerful CHI BALM is our unique healing formula created for the relief of soreness, aching pain, burns and discomfort.

For best results, gently rub into affected area or acupuncture point for 3 minutes or longer.


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Chi-Balm is a Shaolin formula that is over a thousand years old combined with modern day physics, creating a very powerful, one of a kind product.

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Pain and Soreness Happens

When it does, Chi-Balm offers relief.

Chi- Balm is easy-to-apply and non-greasy.

Our product provides the best relief for sore muscles along with muscle aches and pains.

Chi Balm is ideal for everyday athletes.

Chi Balm is for hard working men and women.

Chi Balm is relieving for children and babies.

Chi Balm is the answer.

Ideal for anyone who desires a safe natural healing formula

Chi Balm not only softens the skin but penetrates to relieve discomfort.